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Meet the Sjerlok masterminds

Legentic has two products to offer our customers in their quest to fight financial crime - Mohawk and Sjerlok. While Mohawk is solely a platform, Sjerlok is a platform AND a service. To get a better understanding on how it works - and even more specifically, the thoughts behind it, we had a chat with the “inventor” Ron Vermeulen, and tech lead Andrei Candale.

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New partnership: Helping Scandinavian insurers find and retrieve stolen assets

FaVer AS is Norway's leading independent environment for the investigation and fact verification of insurance claims. We’re happy to announce that together with FaVer, we are bringing our Sjerlok service to the Scandinavian market.

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Meet our newbies

(01.04.21) Legentic is growing at a fast rate, and April 1st we had the pleasure of welcoming two new employees to the team. Daniela Pop and Gabriel Girbovan both have the title Business Analyst, which are new positions to the company.

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New partnership with Paliscope

(17.02.2021) We're happy to announce a new partnership with Paliscope, a digital crime-fighting platform. Paliscope users can now access Mohawk directly from within their Discovry product, thus helping them detect and prevent fraud and financial crime more efficiently.

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Mohawk changes name to Legentic

(03.02.2021) After acquiring and merging three companies, Mohawk's management decided to change the company name - as a signal of the new era. Legentic is a construction of the words Legitimate, Legendary and Authentic, and in our view a great expression of our relentless efforts to provide cutting-edge tools for fighting financial crime.

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Mohawk awarded best Insurtech

(18.11.2020) We are honoured having been awarded "Best Insurtech" by the Italy Insurance Forum!

The jury's statement praises Legentic's continued efforts in developing a unique technology fighting insurance fraud. They find Legentic's tool important for the investigation of anti-fraud cases and for the constant monitoring of data on the national territory. The jury’s conclusion is that Legentic's technology offers significant savings in the management of claims with a direct impact on profits.

This award is a great encouragement for Legentic's efforts to further develop and improve our technology for our clients.

Mohawk aquires Brightmaven

(17.04.2020) We are proud to announce the acquisition of Brightmaven, a successful Dutch technology company. We believe this merger creates a firm platform for big data application.

Mohawk acquired Futusome, a Finnish company specializing in data

(11.11.2019) We are happy to announce the acquisiton of Futusome, a successful Finnish technology company. The Futusome engineers and programmers will speed up our in-house development with state-of-the-art technology.