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By accepting the use of cookies when entering the website, cookies will be stored on your computer or your device.

A cookie (small information files/text files) is not harmful and may not contain viruses or programs.

What we use the cookie information for

As of today Legentic uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • Targeting an audience for the purpose of marketing our services and to connect with people who previously interacted with our website.

  • Be able to analyse the use of our website to maintain and improve the experience of visiting

Google Analytics and Google Marketing Platform

We use Google Analytics to gather information about how users use the website, how they find it, what they search for and which pages are most used. The information cannot be traced back to individuals.

Google Analytics stores parts of users' IP addresses, but the last octet of the address has been removed for privacy reasons. Google therefore does not store detailed geographic information about users, only a wider geographic area like country or region.

The information stored by Google is subject to Google Privacy Policy

We use Google Marketing Platform to help us to better advertising towards our customers and visitors to our website

Read more about Google Marketing Platform

Facebook Pixels

We use Facebook Pixels to measure the effectiveness of our advertising by understanding the actions people take on our website.

Read more about Facebook Pixel

LinkedIn Insight Tag

We use LinkedIn Insight Tag to optimize our campaigns, retarget our website visitors, and learn more about our audience

Read more about LinkedIn Insights Tag

If you choose not to accept Cookies

It is your choice to agree that and the services we use can store cookies on your device. If you do not accept the use of cookies, you must change your browser settings. If you use multiple browsers or multiple devices, be sure to change the settings in each browser.

Cookies on our website

XSRF-token, stored for 2 hours: This cookie is primarily sent as a convenience since some JavaScript frameworks and libraries, like Angular and Axios, automatically place its value in the X-XSRF-TOKEN header on same-origin requests.

_ga, stored for 2 years: Non-personally identifiable ID string that Google Analytics uses to represent a user.

ga<id>, stored for 2 years: Non-personally identifiable ID string that Google Analytics uses to represent a user.

legentic_session, stored for 2 hours: Session cookie for the website


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